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Two weeks on Mallorca where you
will climb and move mountains


Picture this: you have just graduated; have time off for holidays or a gap year. For whatever reason: you’re free, and time and freedom stretch endlessly ahead of you. What are your plans? Stop thinking. Go on tour with the outdoor leadership programme of Pole4 and meet the person you are going to like most: yourself. Not because you have to, but because you can. You will have the time of your life with a great bunch of people your age and you will, in every sense of the words, take great steps.

…and a bit of a holiday

Sounds great, but where will I be taking those steps? Well, in the mountains of Mallorca. With a guide, close to cliffs and ravines, relying on a compass. You will be sleeping under the stars, chilling on the beach, jumping offa cliff ánd following a leadership programme with professional trainers in the meantime. Navigating, managing, anticipating, planning, cooperating; you will be learning all of these skills. What are you waiting for?

Outdoor-actitviteiten bij Pole4

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Information evenings
September 10 2020 Utrecht


The planning for 2021 is focused on maximum Corona safety. We expect that, like 2020, the virus will be under control in July. If there is a vaccine befor this period, the schedule will be adjusted.

Information evenings
Juni 16 2021 Utrecht
September 29 2021 Utrecht

From April 24 to May 3 2020 - 1 week (9 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
(Registration closed)

From May 27 to June 10 2020 - 2 weeks (13 nights)
Age 17 to 25 years
(Registration closed)

From July 3 to July 12 2020 - 1 week (9 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
(Registration closed)

From July 5 to July 18 2020 - 2 weeks (13 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
(Registration closed)

From October 16 to October 25 2020 - 1 week (9 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
Costs € 1.400,- VAT exclusive. Or € 1.300,- if you book before 16 August.

From July 9 to July 18 2021 - 1 week (9 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
Costs € 1.499,- VAT exclusive. Or € 1.399,- if you book before 3 May.

From October 15 to October 24 2021- 1 week (9 nights)
Age 15 to 19 years
Costs € 1.499,- VAT exclusive. Or € 1.399,- if you book before 15 August.

Outdoor-actitviteiten bij Pole4

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The costs of this outdoor leadership programme, which takes place over 14 days in Mallorca, are € 2.100 excl. VAT. You’ll notice the benefits of this great learning experience in your daily life as soon as you get back home. 


The price includes all costs from the beginning until the end of the programme. This means that meals, drinks and transportation are all included during the programme. Full time guidance of professional trainers and coaches.

...and excluding

The price does not include the costs for travelling to our base camp in Mallorca, travel insurance (with special coverage for mountaineering), the outdoor gear you’ll need or the things you eat and drink in your free time.

Pole4 and Covid-19

The Hague, 5 March 2020.
Pole4 wishes to acknowledge parents’ growing concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus . And rightly so. We do not encourage taking any unnecessary risks. We, at Pole4, take these concerns very seriously and are adopting the guidelines set by the RIVM, the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

For the time being, the RIVM has not provided any negative travel advisories for either the Netherlands, Spain, group travel or hiking in the mountains. Yet we take no uncertainty for granted. Whatever the case, at Pole4 the safety of the participants is paramount.

Therefore we will of course continue to monitor developments carefully. If there is reason to re-consider these decisions, we will communicate that as quickly as possible. The policy of RIVM will continue to guide Pole4’s ongoing decision making.