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We will take your child to
the best destination: themselves

Content of the programme

During our mountain tour of two weeks we work with you on two levels:
outdoor and leadership.

The outdoor level

On this level the participants are, without explicitly asking them, naturally challenged to show personal leadership. To give you an example: a beautiful hike that is mapped out by the group through the best of nature is the result of a good collaboration between the group. Not only should it be a nice route, it should also be one that every member can achieve. The group learns how to manage a map and a compass, how to map out a route, how to communicate about that route, how to operate as a group, how to cooperate and how to push yourself to take just that step further. Also the group will learn how to manage setbacks, unforeseen circumstances like changing weather, physical challenges and their own state of mind.  

The leadership part

Each day, one member of the group will become the Leader of the Day(LOTD). The LOTD is, along with the staff, responsible for the route of the coming day. That will involve mapping, managing the logistics and controlling the dynamics of the group. Questions the LOTD will need to answer are for example: which qualities are present in the group, and how can they be used at their best? How will the LOTD communicate with the group when they’re faced with a challenge? As LOTD, the participant will learn to stand in front of a group, make choices and defend those choices and will learn how to manage and deal with alternative suggestions and questions from the group. The LOTD will also test which are the most effective (and least effective) ways to communicate within the group.
This part of the programme challenges participants to form their personal leadership skills in an almost playful way.

Jongeren komen tijdens de tocht allerlei uitdagingen tegen


Professional trainers and coaches accompany the participants during the whole trip. They help and stimulate the participants to face the challenges they may have with each other and with themselves across the two levels of the programme. At the end of the programme the participants take home competences like cooperation, flexibility, persuasiveness, integrity, vision and oral presentation and communication.

Learn by experience

This programme is a result of our ambition, belief and experience as managers, trainers and coaches in large businesses and organisations. Aside from that, we are also experts in experiential learning and in working with young people. ‘I will do that tomorrow’ (or one of those other 453 excuses) won’t work with us. For every other thing, whatever it may concern, we are there for them. We are there to listen, but also to help push them a bit further so that they dare to take that chance and challenge themselves, listen to others and evaluate these experiences.