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Safety at Pole4

‘Handing over’ your child into the care of someone else is always is always a kind of ‘moment’. You get used to it, gradually as they get older but at Pole4 we understand and recognise the significance of this ‘moment’. Therefore we would like to share our feelings about safety at Pole 4. We believe that our responsibility to the safety of our participants is as important as your trust in allowing your child to participate in our programme. Therefore we state: if it’s not safe, we will not set off.

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The balancing act

Creating a safety net and understanding each individual's needs can be somewhat of a balancing act. After all, something that can be a dream for one, can be a total nightmare for another. All of our programmes are balanced by our own standards and values and we thrive to ensure that the highest standard of care and safety is provided for each individual participant.

Learning safely and learning to be safe

The training programme of Pole 4 creates a unique learning environment, that is challenging and asks quite a lot of the participants. On a physical level in the sport activities but also on a mental level. Living together with and as a group, showing leadership, taking responsibilities, telling the LOTD that a wrong decision was made, pushing boundaries, developing social skills, getting a grip of yourself when things are a bit tough: it’s not nothing and we know that.

The group will learn more than they thought was possible in a really short period of time. It’s great when that happens, but your child can only develop the skills to react to these demands if it feels safe enough to do so. We stand for providing a safe environment... and we do everything in our power to create it.

We gathered the best, most fun
and most experienced people

How do we achieve these goals?

Safety is so much more then coming home in one piece. Which of course is our first priority, but – as said - next to physical safety we think about mental and social safety.

Pole4 secures physical safety by working with instructors and coaches who are experienced in working with young people. They are capable of stopping a group when safety is at stake. They have also proven themselves in dealing with the challenges participants face on the programme and the challenges the learning experience brings.Every Pole4 instructor is in possession of a MFA (Medical First Aid) certificate. And last but certainly not least: our instructors are outdoor people at heart who earned their credits all over the world.

Pole4 is ervaringsdeskundig

Pole4’s mountain guides

The technical complex elements which are therefore the more challenging and risky parts of the programme, are taken care of by experienced and qualified local guides. They meet the highest standards of mountaineering and all have a MFA (Medical First Aid) certificate.
The decision to participate in a challenge is always made by the participant. The instructors will never push them, but they will take time to explain the risks as well as what can be learned by the challenge. Peer pressure to cross one’s boundaries will be stopped immediately by the instructors.


These instructors also secure the emotional and mental safety of participants, because apart from being outdoor people, they are managers, trainers, fathers, mothers or coaches and used to working with young people. For example, one of the instructors is a senior manager in Childcare. All instructors have proven experience as managers in different industries. Therefore, they are capable of creating that unique learning experience that suits the level of the participants. They are aware of the boundaries and limits of each individual participant and know when to protect a participant, even if the participant themselves is not aware or forgets in their enthusiasm. In this way, motivation, challenge and learning experience is personally balanced with peace, quiet and regularity for every participant. And on every trip a male and a female instructor is present.Our instructors are selected with care and live by our internal Code of Conduct.