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Meet the Pole4 team

We promise a lot but the reason we can is because we have gathered the most experienced, most fun and best team on the planet. The Pole4 team is a team of enthusiastic, driven and practice-orientated people with an impressive list of experience in management, leadership, cooperation and personal effectiveness of people in organisations. With that knowledge and experience we help people and organisations by training, coaching and guiding them in their process of growth. How? By facilitating trust, connection and leadership: it is precisely these elements that we are going to teach the participants. After all, they are the future. To benefit from that future, they better be prepared for it and to be able to bring more humanity and quality to it.

Pole4 Team

Working from the inside out

But apart from our experience in the workplace, we are outdoor people. If you want people to move mountains, you need to have climbed them first yourself. Since we were children, we have wondered around in the mountains, over seas and followed several (mountaineering)training programmes and courses. With this collective experience, we help young people in this challenge to make the best of the training and of their life.