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Pole 4 will give you the best holiday-souvenir:
yourself, in the best shape

Overleg over de route op Mallorca met Pole4

Your day: your party

The programme in Mallorca is a bit like ‘Expedition Robinson’, but with food. After a day of navigating, planning, organizing, and walking there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting around a campfire and thinking back over the great day you’ve had. And no new day starts better than after a good nights sleep under the stars. And you know for sure it will be another great day because you planned it, just like the day before. BAM, there you go. After these two weeks nothing can sweep you of your feet anymore. 

Outdoor leadership
Pole4 is Outdoor leadership

Pole4 is an ‘outdoor leadership programme’. Sounds fancy, but what does it actually mean? Well, this:

  • bulletpointChatting. A lot. In fact, you’re welcome to do so. Chatting during the hike, during daily evaluation, in the mountain refuge, at the camp fire or at the beach: whenever suits you.
  • bulletpointChilling, playing cards, swimming, sleeping under the stars or sometimes if you want to do absolutely nothing, that’s perfectly fine too. The most important element of the programme is your time with the group. This is a time to enjoy. You determine your own pace, you manage your route or the route of the group and you decide whether you want to sign up for an activity or not. It’s your ‘Expedition Robinson’ (the nice version): you’ll learn how to survive in the mountains, how to eat and drink, how to read a map and how to use a compass.

  • bulletpointNot only will you find some wandering mountain goats along the way, you will also find yourself. And that can be tough sometimes, but more often it will be cool. We will walk through a mountain range that is listed on the World Heritage List while the weather is hot. Sometimes very hot. Luckily Mallorca has beaches too.
  • bulletpointIt means: we start our adventure with a bbq in the sun at the pool, and we finish our adventure with a bbq in the sun at the pool. And believe us, we want that, after some rock climbing, cliff jumping, canyoning and kayaking.
  • bulletpointAnd last but not least something that you may not even notice: you’re participating in a leadership programme that even corporate businesses would pay good money for. A win-win, isn’t it?

Mallorca an island to party?
That’s right: this training is a party.

Outdoor-actitviteiten bij Pole4

Cool, but what will I be learning exactly?

Since 2016, Pole4 has been developing a training programme to suit your needs, interests and experiences. It has been designed to allow you to grow and develop in an unconscious and huge way. You’ll learn how to reach your full potential and the skills that you acquire will be very helpful for the rest of your life. It is a programme that can be gruelling at times but is more often out-of-this-world fun.  We will take you to the best destination ever: yourself.

Hiking met Pole4, 1 van hen is de leider van de dag

Ok, and how am I going to learn that?

In Mallorca you literally step into another world. You’ll work with elements that you will probably never encounter in your daily life at home. During our mountain tour of two weeks we work with you on two levels: outdoor and leadership, and we offer you physical and mental challenges.Each day, one member of the group will become the Leader of the Day(LOTD). The LOTD is, along with the staff, responsible for the route of the coming day. That will involve mapping, managing the logistics and controlling the dynamics of the group. On this level you are naturally invited to show personal leadership. You will learn how to communicate your plan, how to operate as a group, how to work together and how to take yourself just that one step further. You will also learn how to deal with disappointments, unforeseen circumstances, physical challenges and your own personal state of mind. And all of that amidst the beauty of Mallorca and professional coaches. Don’t forget: there is always a safety net.

Outdoor-actitviteiten bij Pole4

Omg… in what shape do I have to be?

You’ll need more than a pair of mountain shoes and a good sense of humour to make it to the finish line. The most important thing is your physical condition.

Your condition must be pretty good. It will be very useful to practise a few good hikes before you come to Mallorca or continue your training if you are already involved in a sport. In mountaineering there are five categories used to indicate the intensity of a mountain range (or intensity of the climb). Category 5 indicates high alpine climbing where extended and intense training and knowledge are necessary; and 1 stands for a good hike, with mountain shoes (that is: no sneakers). The Serra Tramuntana is placed in category 1.

But because the route is decided by the group, the intensity can increase as a result of getting lost, deviating from the route and returning to the last known point of orientation. So there certainly can be some challenges in this hike, even though it is ‘just a category one’ climb.